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Regular bath towels measure 27 inches by 52 to 58 inches, hand towels 16 by 28 to 30 inches and washcloths are inch square. There are also other larger types of bath towels such as the bath sheet, which is the type that fully wraps around you.
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Regular bath towels measure 27 inches by 52 to 58 inches, hand towels 16 by 28 to 30 inches and washcloths are inch square. There are also other larger types of bath towels such as the bath sheet, which is the type that fully wraps around you.
The towels smell funky after washing; dark grey or brownish-orange stains appear that won't wash out; the towels don't absorb water well. What's going on? Help is here and all it takes to have nice, clean towels is a knowing what causes the problem and stripping it away from bathroom towels .
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Soft on your skin, our hand towels come in a range of thicknesses to please you, no matter how fluffy and absorbent you prefer. Check out all the patterns and colours, too – new towels are a great way to give your bathroom a quick makeover.

Also, I don't sweat that much and this issue has only sprung up recently. We did get a water softener recently, but that's the only change I can think of in our water.

I'm not a smoker. Nor is anyone in my home. I do carry a handbag, sometimes on the left. But the hand towels are turning bright yellow too. I'm not noticing any yellow in other areas of my clothing where I would typically sweat. Are you sure that you want to delete this answer? Certain chemicals, such as chlorine bleach, may cause the color reactions you describe, but they never occur as quickly as you make it sound.

The same is true of certain perfumes, colognes, talcum powders, and other cosmetics. Sun tanning lotions and acne medications often discolor clothes. It is certainly possible that your water or laundry detergent, etc, may be "staining" your clothing and towels, and that the act of rubbing it triggers the discoloration i. To test this, put on a pair of brand new, never washed, vinyl or latex gloves, and gently rub clothing or towels that have been recently washed.

If you see any discoloration, then it's the water or detergent or something else it could also be due to the material used in the clothes or towels. If nothing happens, then remove the gloves, and rub it with your clean hands.

If nothing happens, put both articles in a safe place, and wait a full day to see if either or both display an discoloration put a note on each so you know which was handled with gloves, and which was handled without gloves. Regardless of the result, it is very unlikely that your skin has anything to do with it. Since you mentioned the water softener, I can only ask the painfully obvious question: I have the same problem and was wondering if anyone here had any updates.

My light green hand and bath towels get yellow blotches on them after drying my skin. Not every time but I cannot figure out any rhyme or reason as to when it happens vs.

And no particular body part seems to cause the permanent stains more or less than any other. My skin tone and whites of my eyes show no signs of jaundice and I have not had a drink in 11 years so should have no liver problems anyway.

I had assumed the water in my old apartment building was the problem but a filter on the shower head did not solve the problem and now that I have moved to a house in another state, the problem is still there. I do not use bleach in my wash and in fact when bleach once accidentally got in a load of my towels, the reaction to the bleach was very different - turned white, burned a hole right through them.

I have gone through like 4 sets of towels in the last 5 years. It's disgusting and disturbing. I am hoping someone has an update. You know, it could be a water issue, but I had a similar problem about a year or so ago when I was using Proactiv. There's benzoyl peroxide in it which is virtually the same chemical as bleach and it bleached out spots on some of my towels and pillowcases, and even on some clothing if I wasn't careful.

If you are using a product which does contain a level of peroxide in it, that may be it. You may need to rinse your face off a little more stringently and only use white towels when you wash your face. I hope you find the root of the problem!

Yellow discharge in your hands is usually uria. If you rub your hands togeather and get them sweaty and what you rub off is uria then your kidnes are putting urine into your body where it does not belong. Drink lots of water and if it does not go away go to see a doctor. Sometimes something like this can be a warning sign for jaunduce I may have spelled that wrong this is when your skin turnes yellow because your kidneys are not working properly. Free Returns It's okay if you change your mind, we offer a 30 day free returns policy with this item.

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